J S Kingfisher


Las Californias


William Wendt (1865-1946). To Mountain Heights and Beyond, 1920.

“Las Californias,” a New Project from

J S Kingfisher.


Essentially a collection of musical impressions of states both inner and outer, J S Kingfisher’s Las Californias varies widely in mood but functions generally as ambient. Several of the pieces are well underway: Clouds’ Journey, Yerba Buena, Montaña de Amor, Abuela Viento, Blossoming of Hope, Soledad, San Benito, Oasis, Riparia, Black Butte… J S Kingfisher is featured on keyboards, harpejji, Haken Continuum, and vocals, and there are several guest appearances. Below are sneak previews of a few works in progress. More previews forthcoming; the entire project is slated for release on Autumnal Equinox 2019.

Preview: Shasta Calling
Featuring Austyn James on bass and vocals

Preview: Quincy 
Featuring the harpejji and Haken Continuum

Preview: Salton Sea Moon 
Includes "La Luna Asoma," a Federico García Lorca poem set to music by Kingfisher

Preview: Pupfish
Featuring the Haken Continuum

Kingfisher's Ambient and Contemplative Works


Several of Kingfisher's previous projects include works of an ambient or contemplative nature, and are still featured regularly on ambient, new age, and spa channels. Following are some examples.

 A Forest of Apples, from Vesica Piscis
Featuring Gayle Levant, harp; Geraldine Rotella, flute; Martin Tillman, cello; Roger Burn, vibes.

Turtle Diary, from Vesica Piscis
Featuring Martin Tillman, cello; Tony Blondal, guitar.

Cave, from Vesica Piscis
Featuring Martin Tillman, cello.

Home, from Early Works
Featuring Lubomir Georgiev, cello.