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Songwriter, instrumentalist, singer, arranger, producer, theorist, therapist… whatever your area and level of musical interest or expertise, you will become better at what you do with a broader knowledge base. The Kingfisher Method begins in the science of acoustics, branching outward into the elements of music that arise from it, and eventually encountering the Harmonic Engine, Kingfisher’s unique entrée into the living, breathing world of musical structure. Far from dry, academic theory, Kingfisher’s approach is holistic: the ears, the body, and the heart are engaged as well as the mind, every step of the way. From this base, composition, arranging, and production values and practices are taught. The Kingfisher Method is also an excellent foundation for deeper understanding of the forces at play in sound healing, the Muzoracle, and other vibratory arts.


The Kingfisher Method allows students to step in at any point and travel outward in any number of directions, depending on what they know already and what they wish to know. Each program is individually tailored, and begins with a free consultation/interview; no further obligation is required. Teaching sessions take place at Kingfisher’s studio in downtown Palm Springs, or at students' homes; contact him here for more information and/or to set up a time to meet.



J S Kingfisher – Jeff - is a composer, producer, recording artist, and innovator, who has been writing, producing, and performing music professionally for 40 years. He is the creator of Muzoracle, a tool for engaging the intuition through music and myth; Muzundrum, an award-winning board game of music theory; and the popular and fun 12-sided Musician’s Dice. His albums include 1998’s Vesica Piscis, and most recently From the Moon to the Earth, a song-cycle comprised of 21 singles released over 21 full moons.