Composing, Recording, and Performance

J S Kingfisher – Jeff – is a songwriter and recording artist, arranger and producer, composer for film and orchestra, keyboardist, harpejjist, vocalist, and audio engineer. He is the composer, arranger, and producer of From the Moon to the Earth, a 21-piece song cycle and 2-disc set featuring 26 of LA's top vocalists and session players (2016); Vesica Piscis (1998); and Floating Upstream (1993.)

Currently underway for Jeff is a new solo album, Songs for the New World, consisting of nine singles that are being released on nine consecutive full moons. The first single, New World, will drop on January 28th, 2021; the last will drop on the Harvest Moon of September 20th, when the whole project will become available on vinyl, CD, and as a downloadable album.

Also underway for Jeff are two open-ended projects, with singles added from time to time: Las Californias, a contemplative/ambient collection, and Agape Mousike, a collection of music for spiritual community. Jeff is also finishing production on Serbian singer Dalibor Banović's new album, and plays and cowrites with the eclectic pop rock project Alphanaut.


Jeff is the creator of Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music, a counseling tool that engages the imagination and intuition through music. He is the creator as well of Muzundrum, a musician's game of chance and skill, and the Musician's Dice, a composing, improvising, and educational tool. 

Therapeutic Music and Tarot

Jeff offers music-based, intuitive counseling utilizing Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music. Often integrated with Muzoracle castings is Swenakailo, a uniquely compositional private music bath that employs custom crystal instruments, electronics, and Jeff's voice. Muzoracle castings are insightful, creative, and empowering; Swenakailo is deeply relaxing and grounding, and can set the stage for self-healing. Both the Muzoracle and Swenakailo are of Jeff's invention.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Swenakailo is temporarily unavailable, as are in person Muzoracle castings. Online castings, however, are very effective, and each includes a recording of the music generated during the session. Jeff works via Skype, Zoom, and Messenger—please contact him for details or to book a session. 

Belovèd (featuring Jacob Collier)

Harvest Moon