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From the Moon to the Earth

J S Kingfisher's 21-piece song cycle, released one single at a time over 21 consecutive full moons and now available as a 2-disc, 2 booklet set. The project features several lead vocalists and stellar performances from LA's finest players, as well as vocals, keyboards, and harpejji from Kingfisher himself. The entire project may be audited and explored on the From the Moon to the Earth website, stunningly designed by Andy Markley at ART101. The 2-disc set may be purchased on CD or as a download here.


Vesica Piscis 

J S Kingfisher's landmark 1998 release, featuring ambient and new age radio staples A Forest of Apples, Turtle Diary, Cave, and At Night I Fly to Heaven (sometimes France). Vesica Piscis features performances from many of LA's finest players, including Gayle Levant, Martin Tillman, Fritz Lewak, and the late, great Roger Burn. It may be audited and purchased as a download or CD here and on iTunes.


Floating Upstream: Early Works of J S Kingfisher


A compilation of tracks from Jeff's long out-of-print first album and music never released. A gem here and there and lots of fun. Available by special order only; please contact Jeff for more information.