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Rivers of G-d

From "Floating Upstream: Early Works" 


Gone, twisting and turning,

Floating upstream on a river of G-d

Drifting to nowhere

to somewhere beyond beyond


Dark nights of the soul

and the days of surrender

calling me home beyond


Cradles and broken boughs

rush to the sea

and sleepy rain falls on the town

and on down to a rocky stream


School children fighting

and watching the news

Swimming in circles

Drowning on down to a briny blue








Composed, Arranged, and Produced by J S Kingfisher. Guitars: Tony Blondal. Bass: Dave Marotta. Violin: Sid Page. Percussion: Fritz Lewak. Piano, Vocals: J S Kingfisher.  Recorded at Mad Hatter and Devonshire Studios by Greg Townley; mixed by Greg Townley at Devonshire. "Floating Upstream" art by Andy Markley. Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab. Copyright © 2013 J S Kingfisher. All rights reserved.