On this single bed the love of loved ones dead for years and lovers never born At night I fly to heaven (sometimes France)
Deeper than the sun in waxen shades of green an offering by hands unseen of oranges
Reflections of the morning sky on rivers lie, a woven life that swims and flies in light
Through these broken days the love of loved ones softly singing ringing in my ears soothing me
The candlelight and murmured psalms of Notre Dame awaken to the breaking Easter dawn
Life wakes into day the dead awake to dreams that linger bringing on the dark At night I fly to heaven sometimes (sometimes France)
Composed, Arranged, and Produced by J S Kingfisher. Harp: Gayle Levant; Cello: Martin Tillman; Clarinet: Steve Tavaglione; Vibes: Roger Burn; Percussion: Bruno Coon; Guitars: Tony Blondal; Spoken Word: Olivier Clement; Synth Bass/Keyboards/Vocals: J S Kingfisher. Sound Design and Engineering: Greg Townley; second engineers, Bill Kingsley andBarry Goldberg. Mixed from 32 tracks of digital and 24 tracks of analog to 2 track analog with Dolby SR; recorded at Conway Studios and Hoofhaven, mixed at Conway. Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab.
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Track Notes
When Martin Tillman laid down his cello on this track, it was a quiet rubato piece with only Fender Rhodes and a lead vocal – when he first heard the final mix, it had had so much surgery he didn’t recognize it! Gayle Levant’s harp – which really brings the track to life, I feel –  was added midway through the mix; she set up on a piece of plywood in the control room, and took the chart places I hadn’t imagined. I improvised the keyboard bass at the last minute, too – it ain’t over till it’s over! —jsk