J S Kingfisher – Jeff – is a composer and recording artist, arranger and producer, keyboardist, harpejjist, vocalist, therapeutic musician, and innovator. He is available for recording and writing sessions at Hummingbird House, his studio in Palm Desert, California; he also works regularly with clients in Los Angeles. As a therapeutic musician, he offers Swenakailo, his unique blend of music-based counseling, private music bath, and Reiki, at The Seventh Harmonic, his healing studio.  Jeff works as well with a handful of students privately, gives occasional talks and performances, and is the music director at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Springs.

Composing, Arranging, Recording, Producing, and Performance

As a solo artist, Jeff is the composer, arranger, and producer of From the Moon to the Earth, a 21-piece song cycle and 2-disc set featuring 26 of LA's top vocalists and session players (2016); Vesica Piscis (1998); and Floating Upstream (1993.) He is currently at work on two new solo projects: a contemplative/ambient project called Las Californias, and a collection of music for spiritual community called Communitas.

Jeff has worked on countless recording projects in a variety of styles, from rock/pop to hip hop to children's music to jazz. He is currently finishing production on Serbian singer Dalibor Banović's new album, with him composing for Dalibor's lyrics. Most recently, he co-wrote, co-produced, mixed, and played and sang on On Some Planets This is Pop, the new album from Mark Alan's eclectic pop rock project, Alphanaut.

Jeff is likely available for work on your project—as a composer or co-writer, arranger/producer, keyboardist, harpejjist, or vocalist. Please feel free to contact him if you're interested.

Therapeutic Music and Music-Based Counseling

Jeff offers Muzoracle castings—music-based, guided self-counseling sessions—and Swenakailo,  the therapeutic music bath experience that works in tandem with them— at his healing space in Palm Desert, The Seventh Harmonic. Muzoracle castings are insightful, creative, and empowering; Swenakailo, which employs custom-tuned crystal bowls and bells, electronics, Jeff’s voice, chanting, and Reiki energy, is deeply relaxing, balancing, and grounding, and can set the stage for self-healing. Both the Muzoracle and Swenakailo are of Jeff's invention.

Muzoracle castings and Swenakailo are available by appointment.

Study with Jeff: Composing, Keyboards, Esoteric Theory, and Swenakailo Certification

Jeff offers private instruction for writers and musicians of all stripes, with emphasis on his unique understanding of music as it relates to the cosmos. This understanding, these connections, permeate everything he teaches: dull or intimidating theory becomes more like a thrill ride, and students really feel at play in the cosmos as they explore. Jeff is a composer first, and with him you will learn to write—even if you're studying keyboard, you'll play like a writer.

Jeff also offers a practitioner certification for Swenakailo, his therapeutic music technique. Classes include instruction in the Muzoracle, "Music, Myth, and the Cosmos," affirmative prayer, and instruction with an affiliated Reiki Master.

Feel free to contact Jeff if you're interested in becoming a student, or have any questions. Also, make sure you're on our mailing list as not to miss any talks or performances—Jeff gives them often, in person and on Zoom.

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