Welcome to Communitas! This page is under construction.

Jeff Kingfisher’s Communitas is an ongoing collection of prayers, congregational songs, meditations, dances, and stories of mystical union written for New Thought and other progressive communities. Currently under construction, this page will eventually include dozens of pieces, each with videos, prerecorded tracks, and charts. Each piece will be offered in several instrumental and vocal versions depending on the needs of your center. If you have a pianist and a lead singer on a given Sunday, for example, you might choose a prerecorded version of a piece with drums, bass, and backing vocals for them to play along with; if you have a bass player too, you might select the same thing but without pre-recorded bass. Each piece will have a lyric video available as well, and charts for singers and musicians.

As of this writing—on January 7, 2024— there are 35 pieces being prepared. In addition, I write and produce at least one new piece a month. Ongoing access to all of it will be available on a subscription basis. I will make the program live once I get the first dozen or so pieces up, hopefully within the next month or so. Please contact me here if you’re interested, and I will let you know when we launch!

Peace and Blessings! Jeff Kingfisher

How Communitas came to be. In the fall of 2019, I was invited to perform as a musical guest at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Springs, and also to give a talk on the Muzoracle and therapeutic music for their Wisdom Shares and Sacred Practices series, which was being held on Wednesday nights. Those engagements led to a few more over the next few months, and then... the pandemic hit. The doors had to be closed, of course, and the call was put out for someone to help live-stream their services—and I answered. I ended up producing the Center’s services, meditations, and events and streaming them from my studio for fourteen months, skyping in ministers, practitioners, and guests, and creating music and video content. 

Communitas is the musical result of that experience, and my experiences with the Center since. I’ve become their music director, and have also become quite involved with the community, taking classes (and teaching a couple), and  incorporating Science of Mind practices into my therapeutic work.