1. From the Moon

From the recording From the Moon to the Earth

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Lead Vocal: Maiya Skyes. Guitars: Tony Blondal. Trumpet: Jeff Bunnell. Bass: Dave Stone. Keyboards, harpejji: JSK.

Composed, arranged, and produced by JSK.

Copyright © J S Kingfisher. All rights reserved.


From the Moon

A promise of understanding and inclusion
A silent and slow sacrifice to the jealous hive
Thirty-odd years of hypnotized collusion
Crashed in a tranquil sea, a girl barely alive

Six flags on sticks, limp in the sunlit vacuum
Seventy-three proud ships that cannot fly
Footprints that end where they begin in the grey gloom
Sixty-six scriptures bound in a blood-tanned hide

Daughter of Earth, Queen of Night,
Sucking on tides like a hungry child,
Smiling and frail, we sleep in your pale cocoon
Watching the blue planet rise,
Lost in a sweet, wily lullaby
A long way from home and watching us
From the Moon

A place on the soft red earth, so long forgotten
Babbling towers built to the shallow sky
Bastard desire, the harvest rank and rotten
The startling complicity that leads souls to die

I’m looking down from afar
At the suffering, beautiful fools we are,
At this sacred lunacy that from stars is hewn
And I can’t feel my feet on the ground,
And I fear that what’s lost might never be found,
And I’m cold and alone, I want to come home
From the Moon