1. Nosferatu

From the recording From the Moon to the Earth

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Guitar: Tony Blondal. Bongos, Cuica, Whistles: Brad Dutz. Alto Sax: Jay Mason. Trumpet: Jeff Bunnell. Trombone: Charlie Morillas. Harpejji, keys, rhythm, lead vocal: JSK.

Composed, arranged, and produced by JSK.

Copyright © J S Kingfisher. All rights reserved.



rising with the waxing tide
drawn to what’s alive inside
suck the heat, suck the light
i nosferatu

slave to hand-me-down desire
kindling your lust to fire
the strokes and nods that I require
i nosferatu

in the dream that does not wake
a life we squander, a life we take

i’ll be strong till you feel weak
feign to hear that i might speak
slap your face and turn my cheek

in the dream that does not wake
nosferatu claims its stake

nosferatu can’t confess
the life it leads it can’t possess
a swindle born of cheap success,
so sly…

behind the lies and truth unsaid
the silence of the dead undead,
and something rich goes poorly fed
good-bye nosferatu