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  1. Letter from Love

From the recording Agape Mousike

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Composed, arranged, performed, and produced by J S Kingfisher. Recorded at the Philomusica Center for Music and the Healing Arts in 2019.


Letter from Love
Run and I will follow
Leave and I will wait
Seek and you will find me here

Hurt and I will heal you
Laugh and I will smile
Cry and I will hold you all the while

I am the sun upon your back
I am the waves that kiss your feet
This sorrow for the things you lack
Open your arms, I will fall from the sky
I am love

When the dark overtakes you
and hope is lost to fear,
be silent and be still
and you will find me near,

forgiving when you’re failing,
patient as you learn,
and when this life is through,
embracing your return

So let it go and let it be,
when you fall, you’re falling into me
This secret that you’ve kept can set you free—
Just whisper the words that your heart always knew

I love you