1. Born into Love


Born into Love
J S Kingfisher
The moon is barely set
as the sun begins to rise,
and a breeze drifts through the window
as I’m opening my eyes,
with a feeling that still lingers
from a deep and wondrous dream;
and a mockingbird starts singing
as the last star fades from sight,
and I’m still the same, but somehow changed,
like a church that’s filled with light…

Awake into this body,
Awake into my soul,
Alive to who I’ve always been,
I am peaceful, I am whole;
All the fears that bound me
fade into the past:
The love I seek has found me,
and made me free at last

Now I’m walking through a crowd
or driving in the rain,
and I see the cost of being lost
in anger, hate, and blame,
and how our brokenness does harm,
and forgiveness heals our pain;
and I know what I’ve been given,
and I vow how to proceed:
I will walk this Earth with kindness first,
in my heart and thoughts and deeds…

Awake into this body,
Awake into my soul,
I see the light you’ve always been,
so beautiful and whole;
as all the fears that bound you
fade into the past,
you feel it all around you,
gentle and steadfast:
the love you seek has found you
and made you free at last
© Copyright 2021 J S Kingfisher